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Szenzortechnika has a wide product range for detection of various gases and vapours. We have extensive experience of systems for cost effective and safe gas detection. We aim to offer reliable and cost effective solutions for applications where gas detection is essential.

Controller units

The Senteka gas detection panel is a self contained unit with many configuration options to create flexible and cost effective solutions for all gas detection applications. Click the button below to view the most popular versions.

Complementary modules for control panels

Units for ensuring the modularity and expandability of the gas detection system.


The sound and light signaling equipment are important complementary units of the gas detecting systems. They warn people for the danger of gas controlled by gas detectors.

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Detecting different gases in alternative situations can raise many challenges, it is our job to know and understand those challenges and ensure you get an efficient and effective system that protects you and your working environment.


We are seeking long term co-operation with all of our respective partners, therefore we offer our products and
services at competitive prices, also securing further advantages to our regular customers.


In the European Union, EU and local laws and regulations regulate the production and various services.

This regulation is particularly important in the case of equipment and services used in the field of life and property protection.

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